Meeting summaries

A very successful and well attended inaugural meeting of ComMet was held at the School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick in mid July 2014. It served as a great opportunity to meet and share ideas across a wide range of discipline and between those involved in wet science and bioinformatics, all with interests in meta-omics. Minutes of the committee meeting and short summaries of the talks held are presented. Slides from a variety of the talks can also be viewed. Of particular importance for driving the field forwards, the bottlenecks, strengths and possible ways forward were brainstormed.

A second exciting meeting packed full of fascinating science was held at The Shard, London on Tuesday 3rd-Wednesday 4th of March 2015 focussing on ‘Metagenomics and Microbiomes’ with sessions on human, animal and environmental microbiomes. It was hosted in the Warwick Business School premises half way up The Shard allowing views to rival the science. The Microbiomes and Metagenomes final programme , 1st breakout session summary, 2nd breakout session summary and ComMet Committee Meeting Minutes are presented here.

The third workshop was hosted at EMBL-EBI. It offered hands on experience using a range of online tools for meta-omics analysis. It was held at EMBL-EBI and was the first such workshop to bring in experts from multiple data analysis pipelines, with Folker Meyer leading a hands-on session working with mg-RAST and Rob Finn and Alex Mitchell working through the EBI pipeline. Issues of standardisation, the importance of metadata, applying experimental design principles to meta-omics were addressed. Sessions were broad-ranging and covered sequencing technologies, antiSMASH, metadata, ChEMBL and secondary metabolite analysis. A number of seminars offering insights from research were also offered, including studying viromes and gut microbiomes.