ComMet meeting 2017

The BBSRC funded ComMet network is drawing to a close and we are keen to finish a successful 3 years with a final meeting and end on a high note, leaving a legacy of closer collaboration and improved information for those in or entering the field. The final workshop of the ComMet network will be held at Warwick University on the 24th and 25th April. The workshop will focus on metagenomes, their analysis, genome variation and functional metagenomics. There will be a series of informal presentations followed by discussions on a number of topics. We will also be exploring some real data with the guidance of experts in the area. At the end of the workshop we aim to have produced pathway maps and decision trees for analysis of metagenomes, which will be hosted on the website for the benefit of the ComMet community and wider scientific community. This workshop will be aimed at all levels, with post docs and PhD students very welcome and their input anticipated to be invaluable. Registration is free with lunch and hot drinks provided.

If you would like to register then please email with your details, using the header ComMet 2017. Numbers are limited so please do contact me soon to confirm a place.