Community Network in Metagenomics (ComMet)

The exploitation of metagenomics and meta-omics approaches in life science research – developing a network of UK researchers

Understanding functions within microbial communities in a wide range of environments is critical to exploit the interaction between microorganisms and plants or animals and to continue and further develop microbial biotransformations in bioreactors for industrial applications. Therefore integration of datasets from metatranscriptomics, metametabolomics and metaproteomics will be essential to use metagenomic data effectively. In the UK, this community network in metagenomics (ComMet) will build capacity in the exploitation of metagenomics and improve our ability to study the full potential of the uncultured majority of microorganisms.TheĀ  Community Network in MetaProteomics (ComProt) aims to raise the profile of methods to recover MetaProteomes (MPs) and MetaExoProteomes (MEPs), to increase the opportunity among UK scientists to recover activity data from in situ, real time ecosystem studies which are capable of facilitating the study of complex interactions between components of the community. ComMet network is funded by:BBSRC anniversary logo

ComProt network is funded by: